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Ex-NFL quarterback Phil Simms isn’t sold on Matt Flynn

By staff

Matt Flynn has positioned himself for a lucrative contract based essentially on two impressive starts and the Packers’ reputation for developing young quarterbacks.

Phil Simms isn’t quite sold.

Citing a lack of any outstanding physical tools, Simms, a former NFL quarterback, told “Brock and Salk” on Thursday that he doesn’t see the potential in Flynn that others seem to.

“What is going to make you be a star? What’s going to put you over the top?” he said. “I really believe you need something physically that’s going to do that, and it doesn’t have to be a great arm. It can be speed, it can be size. … When I look at Matt Flynn, I don’t see something that jumps out.”

Simms conceded that Flynn’s throwing has “improved dramatically” and that he could easily assimilate to the Seahawks’ offense. That isn’t enough, in Simms’ view, for Seattle or another team to make Flynn its franchise quarterback.

Brock Huard reacts to Simms’ thoughts in Thursday’s Wrap Up video.

You can download Thursday’s podcast here.