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Seahawks’ Schneider and Carroll are a good match


By staff

Coach Mike Holmgren and general manager Tim Ruskell weren’t always on the same page during their time with the Seahawks.

There appears to be no such issues with their successors.

Jay Glazer, a reporter for, spoke extensively of the relationship between coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider during a conversation with “Brock and Salk” on Thursday.

“It’s so often where people, on the surface, in this league look like they’re playing nice and working together and they’re just not,” Glazer said. “When you talk to these guys ‘off the record’ and you’re around it, you really get a sense [that] these guys [coaches and general managers] are just waiting for the other one to slip up or this one’s just constantly talking to the owner, just getting prepared for the other one to slip up. That’s certainly not the case with these two guys.”

Glazer said that accord is evident in the way Carroll and Schneider agree on personnel decisions.

“They work phenomenal together,” he said.

Brock Huard shares his thoughts in Thursday’s Wrap Up video.

You can download Thursday’s podcast here.