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Seahawks’ Russell Wilson isn’t short on personality


By staff

Quarterbacks drafted in the third round — even those with prototypical height — rarely start during their rookie seasons.

While Russell Wilson is very much in the mix to be the Seahawks’ starter, he sounds like he isn’t letting his expectations get out of hand.

“I definitely believe in myself and I believe that I can start in the National Football League and play a long time,” he told “Bob and Groz” after taking the majority of the first-team reps on Monday, “but you also have to remain humble and realize that this is a tough league.

“… I do realize that I am a rookie. I don’t have the mentality of a rookie. I believe that I’m mature and I believe that I try to take all the right steps to set myself up the best way possible for this year and years to come.”

In the video below, Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby share some thoughts on their conversation with Wilson.

You can download Monday’s podcast here.