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Bail set at $150,000 for Seahawks’ Leroy Hill

By Brady Henderson

King County District Court set bail at $150,000 Thursday for Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill, who had his first court appearance since his arrest two days earlier on two counts of alleged domestic violence.

Leroy Hill

Hill, 30, has a second court date scheduled for Friday.

Issaquah Police arrested Hill Tuesday on investigation of third-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment after his 26-year-old girlfriend told police Hill assaulted her and kept her inside his home against her will.

Hill’s girlfriend had been “punched and restrained from leaving the residence several times throughout a three-hour period” on Tuesday, Issaquah Police Cmdr. Scott Behrbaum told KIRO Radio reporter Tim Haeck.

According to a statement of probable cause released Thursday by the King County Prosecuting
Attorney’s Office, the argument began at 10:30 Tuesday when Hill became angered because his girlfriend couldn’t find a set of keys.

The woman said the two exchanged shoves before Hill pushed her to the ground, picked her up by the wrists and threw her across the room. She said she “thought she was going to die” when Hill then stood on her chest and head while she was on the ground, making it difficult to breathe.

The woman said Hill punched her with a closed fist 15-20 times during the argument and also struck her several times in the legs and torso with a bottle of alcohol from which he was drinking.

“When we contacted her there was some definite scratches and bruises that were immediately obvious to the responding officers,” Behrbaum said Wednesday.

According to the statement of probable cause, Hill took the woman’s cellphone and prevented her from leaving several times, telling her that he “could do this all day.” The woman said she was finally able to escape when Hill was in the bathroom.

When police arrived that afternoon, Hill told them he had been assaulted several times by his girlfriend out of jealousy. Hill said she scratched him and struck him with a small wood rod.