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Sherman on Revis: ‘He’s really irrelevant in my mind’

By Brady Henderson

Richard Sherman joined Jim Moore and Dave Wyman Wednesday afternoon just as the Alex Smith news was prompting speculation that the 49ers, now loaded with even more draft picks, might pursue a trade for Darrelle Revis.


Imagine that: The 49ers, already the Seahawks’ biggest NFC West rival, adding the player with whom Sherman has his own rivalry after the two traded barbs via Twitter a week earlier.

So the stage was set. But anyone expecting fireworks heard a dud instead.

Sherman was asked how fun it would be to have Revis in the same division.

“It’d be fun either way, there’s always a rivalry there,” he said. “I still wouldn’t get to play against him directly so it wouldn’t really matter to me. I’m sure our receivers would have a little fun with him. But yeah, I don’t mind either way, he’s really irrelevant in my mind.”

So there you go.

Sherman went on to talk about his offseason workout routine and answered some listeners’ questions. You can hear the full interview here.