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Another area in which Russell Wilson can grow

By staff

When Brock Huard asked Warren Moon a few weeks ago to identify areas in which Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson can improve in his second season, the Hall of Famer pointed to intermediate throws and chemistry with his slot receiver.

On Wednesday, Huard asked the same question to former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn, who’s now the Chiefs’ quarterbacks coach. NFL teams will have a year’s worth of tape on Wilson, so Zorn believes he must be prepared mentally to stay a step ahead of whatever defenses throw at him.

“I think the improvement is going to be what he does on the line of scrimmage during a play – what he can see pre-snap – and then continue to execute after the snap,” Zorn said.

Brock Huard expands on Zorn’s thoughts in the video below.

You can listen to Wednesday’s show here.