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Report: Mathieu cancelled meeting with Seahawks

By Brady Henderson

A report from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports adds an interesting twist to the conversation about the possibility of the Seahawks drafting cornerback Tyrann Mathieu.

Glazer, during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” Friday morning, said the former LSU cornerback cancelled a scheduled meeting with Seattle, purportedly ill and perhaps a little weary from all the pre-draft interviews he had already conducted.

“Last week I had two teams that called and said this dude was supposed to come out here and meet with us and he fell off the grid,” Glazer told Patrick, later specifying that the teams were Seattle and Houston. “…His agent, I talked to him, he said, ‘Look, he’s sick. He’s really sick. He got run into the ground – it was all the interviews.'”

Glazer is a well-sourced NFL reporter and knows Seahawks general manager John Schneider well – even serving as emcee of the charity fundraising event Schneider and his wife have put on the last two years.

It’s unclear, based on what Glazer told Patrick, whether Mathieu blew off the meetings or formally cancelled them. The former would be a downright disastrous decision for a player whose troubled past has already cost him plenty.

Teams interview prospects to gauge their football acumen and character. Perhaps it’s been a more exhausting process for Mathieu, whose surely been put through the wringer by teams wary of his history of substance-abuse issues.

The Seahawks have 10 selections, including one apiece in the second and third round. The fact that they had a meeting scheduled with Mathieu shows they have at least some level of interest in him. It’s also evidence that they’re open to drafting a cornerback despite being set at the position for the immediate future.