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Clayton: Lynch’s absence no cause for concern

By Brent Stecker

The NFL’s unofficial workouts are ongoing, and Marshawn Lynch has been noticeably absent for the Seahawks. While that could be cause for alarm – especially since the free-spirited running back also has a pending DUI case in California’s Alameda County – ESPN’s John Clayton told “Bob and Groz” that the lack of Lynch shouldn’t be a concern.

“I think that we know that Marshawn kinda beats to a different drummer and is a little bit different in the way he handles things,” Clayton said.

marshawn-lynch vertical
Marshawn Lynch was absent from the start of voluntary workouts. (AP)

Coming off a 2012 season where he rushed for 1,590 yards, the 27-year-old Lynch has earned some goodwill to miss workouts, Clayton said.

“As long as he takes the football with the talent that he has, (and) he’s not gonna miss any of the mandatory things. … If he’s not here for some of the voluntary I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

Clayton added that running backs have a history of missing voluntary workouts.

“Remember these things supposedly are voluntary, and a lot of times running backs, more so than other positions, tend to want to be away because they just want to get their minds right and their bodies right because they have to take such a physical pounding. … Edgerrin James didn’t usually go back to the Indy practices as much. He wanted to be in Miami. And you really go through the history of the sport, and that happens to a lot of the running backs.”

Rumors have emerged that Lynch’s absence could be related to new Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin’s big contract, but Clayton doesn’t believe that’s the case.

“I just don’t buy that. (Lynch) knows that there’s not going to be any change in (his) contract,” Clayton said. “This is his second team, and he had to kinda fight his way back and regain the stature to be able to claim this type of a contract. … I don’t know if he puts as much energy into something like that.”