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Lynch present, Moffitt absent from Seahawks OTA


By Danny O’Neil

RENTON – Running back Marshawn Lynch was present for the Seahawks’ workout Tuesday after he was absent last Monday from the team’s voluntary workout.

John Moffitt

Guard John Moffitt, however, was absent to attend a hearing for the two misdemeanor charges he’s facing for trespassing and obstruction of law enforcement. There was a hearing in Bellevue District Court on Tuesday afternoon.

Moffitt’s agent, Mike George, said the two charges stem from a 2012 incident at Bellevue Square. Well, actually two incidents. In the first one, Moffitt was seen urinating in public by one of the mall’s security guards. He was given a no-trespassing order and told not to return to Bellevue Square. A couple of months later, Moffitt was seen at a restaurant in Bellevue Square by a security guard, who reported Moffitt. The misdemeanor charges resulted from that second incident.

“It involves a college-type misjudgment,” said George, Moffitt’s agent. “He mistakenly went back to a restaurant that happened to be in the Bellevue mall property.”

Tuesday’s hearing in Bellevue was a scheduling hearing where both sides discussed the merits of the case. The next hearing is scheduled for mid-June.

The only other Seahawk who was not on the field was defensive end Chris Clemons, who is recovering from knee surgery.