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Christine Michael trying to put attitude questions to rest


By Brady Henderson

Right after the Seahawks drafted Christine Michael at the end of the second round, the running back drew laughter from reporters when he explained how he overslept at the scouting combine and missed meetings with a pair of NFL teams.

“I was terribly sick. Even performing on that Sunday, I couldn’t even give my best out there,” Michael said during a conference call. “I had the cold, I had the flu, I had flu-like symptoms. I just felt bad. I just felt terrible, so I took that NyQuil and I took that Mucinex and it [knocked] me right out.”

The misstep he was describing was less of a laughing matter than the reasons it happened. It was another perceived strike against a player whose attitude had been called into question after he fell out of favor with the new coaching staff at Texas A&M.

Michael, a guest on “Bob and Groz” Tuesday, said those concerns were unfounded.

“I knew I didn’t have a bad attitude. I probably was in a couple situations to where it may have looked that way, but I’ve never been that type of guy who was an irresponsible kid, a disrespectful kid, a guy who does the wrong things at the wrong time, a guy who never does anything right or a guy that coach has got to worry about when he’s sleeping at night. I’ve never been that guy,” he said.

“But it [was] just some things that happened my senior year that made it look that way. I’m happy that that’s all over with and I’m able to move on and better that name that I have for myself.”

Michael has, by most accounts, looked good during Seattle’s rookie minicamp and more recently during organized team activities, where he’s seen plenty of action with the No. 1 offense because of starter Marshawn Lynch’s sporadic attendance.

But it was Michael’s attitude that stood out to Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby during their conversation Tuesday. They share more thoughts on Michael in the video below.

You can listen to Tuesday’s show here.