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Clayton: Seahawks-Tarvaris Jackson reunion likely

By Brent Stecker

Tarvaris Jackson’s tenure with the Buffalo Bills is over, and as ESPN’s John Clayton reports, the former Seahawks quarterback will make a visit this week to discuss a return to Seattle.

Tarvaris Jackson

On Tuesday’s edition of “Cold Hard Facts”
on 710 ESPN Seattle,” Clayton said the chances of the Seahawks signing Jackson are “better than 50 percent.” ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Jackson is expected to sign a one-year deal with Seattle.

“I know from T-Jack’s standpoint, he would like to come back … (and wide receiver) Doug Baldwin tweeted out that he would like to have T-Jack back,” Clayton said. “Say what you want about T-Jack – he was a quarterback that could get you seven wins, but as a backup quarterback you really want a quarterback that can get you to eight wins … and I think T-Jack’s good enough to do it.”

Clayton believes Jackson would be an upgrade as Russell Wilson’s backup over Brady Quinn.

“He’s got a better track record, he’s had more starts, he’s scored more points, he’s been on good teams,” Clayton said of Jackson. “He has credibility in the locker room, he averages 19 points a game, so you’re getting a better quarterback coming off the bench. And now that he’s gone to a different place and found out that he wasn’t gonna start against Kevin Kolb and a rookie, I think he comes back with the attitude, ‘OK, fine, I’ll be the backup. I’ll be fine with it.’ “

Clayton said that with the current weak crop of backup quarterbacks, the addition of Jackson would be a coup for the Seahawks.

“You’re not gonna get too many great backup quarterbacks. He would, in my opinion, be in the top six or seven backup quarterbacks (in the NFL),” he said. “Whether they bring in to compete with Brady Quinn or replace Brady Quinn, I think it’s the right move.”