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How Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor made his mom cry


Kam Chancellor is intimidating on the football field, but a recent purchase for his mom shows his sweet side. (AP)

By Jamie Skorheim

While Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor has been called one of the most intimidating players in the National Football League, it turns out he also has a sweet side.

In a Wednesday appearance on “Brock and Danny,” Chancellor revealed he recently purchased his mom a house after signing his four-year contract extension with the Seahawks.

“She cried tears of joy, tears of happiness,” Chancellor said. “She deserves it. She’s been working hard all her life to take care of six kids with no father figure around and I think she deserves every bit of it.”

Giving his mom the house was just as gratifying as getting a new home himself, he said.

“It was a very happy moment. I was talking to my business manager the whole time it was going on like, ‘Man, I feel like I’m getting a new house,'” Chancellor said. “I was happy for her.”

His mom isn’t the only one he’s looking out for. He’s also taking his role as a leader on the defense seriously, and making an effort to set an example for new players.

“A lot of the young guys come in and see a guy doing things right. I want to be that person doing things right, somebody they can follow behind, follow the footsteps of, show them the way,” Chancellor said.

Based on the priority the Seahawks placed in giving Chancellor a lucrative extension, he isn’t a bad player to emulate.