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Eric Wedge says Jesus Montero isn’t in ideal shape

By Brady Henderson

The Mariners gave catcher Jesus Montero an offseason to-do list with the hope that he would report to spring training in better shape than he did last year. Improving his speed, running form and conditioning were among the directives.

Manager Eric Wedge offered this update on Montero when Mariners pitchers and catchers reported to spring training earlier this week.

“He’s still not in the shape I’d like him to be in, he’s still working on that,” Wedge told reporters. “But in regard to the footwork and some of the fundamentals of running, I feel like he’s better in that sense.”

Is this a harmless mistake by Montero, something indicative of a concerning trend or something in between? Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby share their thoughts on the matter in the video below.

You can listen to Friday’s show here.