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T-Jack looks rejuvenated in return to Seahawks


By Michael Grey

Tarvaris Jackson just looks … different.

That’s not something that will fit on a stat line and fantasy owners won’t be able to roll it into a start ’em or sit ’em equation, but through the first two and a half weeks of the preseason Jackson looks different than he has at any time I remember seeing him play. He’s smoother, his decision making is crisp and in a very short time he appears comfortable both in his role with the Seahawks and in the offense.

After a trying year spent on the bench with the Bills, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson appears comfortable in his second stint with the Seahawks. “I feel like I’m a different person,” he said. (AP)

After getting the chance to talk to him on “Wyman, Mike and Moore” about his second tour of duty in Seattle, it’s easier to understand why that might be.

“I can be a loner” is what Jackson said he learned about himself during the year he spent with the Bills, which was the biggest challenge of his career. It’s tough to quantify how much a year spent on the outside looking in on what used to be your career would test you.

Ultimately for Jackson, it proved to him that he wanted to be back here in Seattle playing for the Seahawks. It certainly didn’t hurt that players in Seattle’s locker room openly campaigned to general manager John Schneider to bring him back or that the team he left behind had grown into a full-fledged championship contender, but a chance to return to the Seahawks was definitely on his mind at the time of his release from Buffalo.

Jackson is making the most of his latest opportunity in Seattle, going 12 for 16 for 221 yards, three touchdowns and a QB rating of 156.2 through the first two preseason games. For Seahawks fans that may have had their doubts about his return, Jackson has performed about as well as anyone could have expected, moving offseason acquisition Brady Quinn down a spot on the depth chart in the process.

He also is aware of and embracing his role as Russell Wilson’s backup, which is a new chapter for a player that was in the mix to be the starter everywhere else he’s been.

It’s a strange situation to have a quarterback in the NFL get a chance to return to a team he once started for, stranger still to return in a backup role. But it seems to fit Jackson just fine. He is preparing himself in the event his number is called and has a solid working relationship with Wilson and the trust of the coaching staff and teammates.

No fan wants to think about anyone other than their starting quarterback this time of the year, but if the Seahawks ever need Jackson, I believe they’ll be happy they have him back in Seattle.