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Wilson, Kaepernick square off in new ‘Madden’ ad

You might think the rivalry between Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and 49ers counterpart Colin Kaepernick began in the NFC West.

But a new “Madden NFL 25” ad featuring Wilson and Kaepernick tells a story of a great rivalry beginning in the late 90s at summer camp.

A young Wilson and Kaepernick are shown playing Madden against one another night and day at Camp Winnipesaukee.

“Their training regime quickly becomes the stuff of legends,” says the ad narrator.

“All their years have led up to this moment, man vs. man, video-game man vs. video-game man. A season 25 years in the making.”

Wilson and Kaepernick will face off on the real NFL field at the first regular-season home game in Seattle on Sept. 15.

The video-game men will compete beginning Aug. 27 when Madden NFL 25 becomes available in stores.