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Video: Russell Wilson wins bet and looks on as Colin Kaepernick shaves his eyebrow

By Alyssa Kleven

Colin Kaepernick lost an eyebrow, sort of.

In a Madden Football ad released last week, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made a wager against the 49ers quarterback. The two shook hands and agreed that the loser of the game would shave one of their eyebrows.

In the Madden ad released just hours after the thunderstorm-delayed, noise record-setting game, Kaepernick is seen shaving it off.

Wilson admitted before the game that the bet wasn’t real.

EA Sports, the creators of Madden Football, likely filmed the two possible outcomes, but only released the video of Kaepernick shaving his eyebrow.

But if the bet had been real, Kaepernick might have been able find a little solace in the fact that it’s hard to see his eyebrows at all when his helmet is on.