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Go 2 Guy’s over-unders for the 2013 Mariners

By Jim Moore

If you listen to the afternoon show, you know I’m into odds and pointspreads. It always amazes me how close the guys in Vegas are when they come out with lines and over-unders on games and win totals.

For instance, most of us are optimistic about the Mariners this year. We think they can go from 75-87 last year to 85-77 this year or at least 81-81. But Vegas set the over-under at 77.5 on number of Mariners wins.

That’s an official line you can find at most sports books in Nevada. What you won’t find are my over-unders on the Mariners, but you’ll get them here along with advice on which way to go:

A 20-win season for Felix Hernandez seems realistic now that the Mariners should finally be able to give their ace adequate run support. (AP)

Over-under on number of times Rick Rizzs says: “It’s a beautiful day at the ballpark:” 161.5. Take the over.

Over-under on number of times grandma brings out the rye bread and mustard this year: 4.5. Take the over. Mariners hit two grand slams last year.

Over-under on Mike Morse and Kendrys Morales homers combined: 63.5. Slight lean to the under. If healthy, they’re capable of hitting 35 each.

Over-under on Eric Wedge ejections: 3.5. Take the under. But he was thrown out of a spring-training game last week, so there’s hope for over bettors and Lou Piniella fans.

Over-under on number of times you hear Jay Buhner shout: “Trucks, trucks and more trucks!!! on Mariner broadcasts this year: 934.5. Bet with both hands on the over.

Over-under on number of wins for Felix Hernandez now that he has some run support: 18.5. Take the over and hope he finally gets his first 20-win season.

Over-under on number of times you’ll miss Ichiro: 2.5. Take the under.

You’ll still love him, but the date you get sick of hearing “RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL” at Safeco Field: July 7. Slight lean to the over.

Over-under on the date when Jesus Montero legs out a triple like he did at spring training: Aug. 17, 2018. Take the over.

Over-under on the date when Danny Hultzen and Mike Zunino are called up by the Mariners: June 30. A hopeful lean toward the under.

Over-under on number of times Dave Sims tells us on the ROOT Sports broadcast that “It’s closing time!” when Tom Wilhelmsen enters the game: 44.5. Take the under.

Over-under on number of times the Go 2 Guy is happy to see the Sleep Country brunette and Angie Mentink on ROOT Sports broadcasts: 138.5. Bet it all on the over.

Over-under on the day you first start to wonder why Wedge has grown a gray beard: April 2, but only if you missed the telecast on April 1. Bet with both hands on the under.

Over-under on number of Mariner Gold Glove winners: 1.5. Bet the over. (Brendan Ryan and Franklin Gutierrez).

Over-under on number of times all of the broadcasters say: “That wouldn’t have been a home run at Safeco last year:” 48.5. A nod to the under.

Over-under on the first day that Morse butchers a routine play in left field: April 5. Take the under. The sun in Oakland will be a problem on April 4.

Over-under on the day that Gutierrez gets injured again: Aug. 28, and using the power of wishful thinking, I’m taking the over!

The Go 2 Guy also writes for his website,;; and You can reach Jim at and follow him on Twitter @cougsgo.