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A side of Russell Wilson we don’t often see


Brady Henderson

Russell Wilson often prefers clichés and coachspeak when responding to questions relating to his job as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback.

Russell Wilson

But he was a little more colorful than normal during an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Wyman, Mike and Moore” on Wednesday when the conversation shifted to matters other than football. It was a side of Wilson he doesn’t often show, and at times it was quite funny.

Here are some highlights:

Bad habits. We all have them, even franchise quarterbacks. Wilson’s – as you might expect – is about as innocuous as it gets. “Mac ‘n’ cheese,” he said without hesitation when asked what his wife would say is his worst habit. “She doesn’t eat it but she’ll make it for me because she knows I’ll try to sneak to the store and find some somehow.” No word on whether the separation is in the preparation with Mrs. Wilson’s mac and cheese, but you can bet Wilson takes it one bite at a time.

‘It’s kinda weird, I know.’ Turns out, Wilson was channeling his inner kid with that spin move he used to shake a defender during his second touchdown pass on Sunday. Here’s the story: “I used to go to the mall and I used to walk to the stores and you can imagine a mall – there’s tons of people walking through the lobby or whatever of the mall and all the stores and everything – and I used to do moves, like literally as people were coming at me. That’s how I learned how to do my juke moves and spin moves. I used to do that,” Wilson said. “I don’t do it quite as much now, but I still think it, though. I visualize doing those. It’s kinda weird, I know.”

Wild child. So dignified is Wilson’s comportment that teammates have jokingly referred to him as “The President”. But believe it or not, he was no stranger to the principal’s office as a kid. “I was just a little troublemaker, man. I used to play football too hard; I hit one kid so hard I knocked his teeth out playing football. People used to mess with me and my computer so I used to pull them out of their chair,” he said. “I was just a bad little troublemaker. I used to bite kids, that kind of thing. I was one of those kids sometimes – not all the time but sometimes.”