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Seahawks know there’s room to improve on offense

By Brady Henderson

One area in particular is still an issue for the Seahawks’ offense, and it’s still not sitting well with wide receiver Doug Baldwin.

“I feel like we’re playing like [expletive], to be honest with you,” he told Danny O’Neil when asked for a status report on Seattle’s offense.

“The running game has been spectacular … but that passing game, it just still annoys me, especially on third down. We haven’t been as precise and as efficient on third down as I believe we can be, as most of the guys believe we can be. Passing-wise, we’re missing a lot of plays that we should be able to make.”

The Seahawks converted five of their 13 third-down opportunities last week. That was actually an improvement over the previous two games, which provides an indication of how much Seattle has struggled to sustain drives this season. The Seahawks are 25 of 78 on third down, which equates to a 32.1 percent conversion rate that ranks 28th in the NFL.

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby take a deeper look at this issue in the video above.

You can listen to Wednesday’s show here.