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No hazing — Seahawks rookie rocks a mullet by choice

By Danny O’Neil

RENTON – The coach had to ask.

In light of everything that has occurred with the Dolphins, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll needed to know if one of his rookies had been, well, badgered into doing something he didn’t necessarily want to.

“I did ask about one of our guy’s haircuts,” Carroll said. “I did. Because it was a really bad haircut.”

It’s business up front and a party in the back with Seahawks rookie offensive lineman Ryan Seymour. (Photo by Danny O’Neil)

It doesn’t take long in the locker room to figure out just who he’s talking about. Take a look at the picture of Ryan Seymour, a rookie offensive guard who who was drafted out of Vanderbilt and is on Seattle’s practice squad.

He’s got a mullet. It’s not ironic, it’s not chic and it’s not even remotely fashionable. It is a bona fide STLB (Short Top, Long Back) with stripes shaved into the side for good measure.

“It’s fitting,” said receiver Golden Tate. “It looks like Kenny F’ing P from ‘Eastbound and Down.’ “

But is it fair that he has to wear that haircut?

“That’s by choice,” said rookie tight end Luke Willson, who’s one of Seymour’s closer friends on the team. “You can ask him.”

OK. How about it, Ryan?

“This is all free will, believe it or not,” he said. “Growing up in South Georgia, this is acceptable.”

And not exactly discouraged in the Seahawks’ locker room.

“There was no bullying involved,” said offensive tackle Breno Giacomini. “The agreement was if he made the team, the 53-man roster or the practice squad, he would have to cut a mullet. He’s just living that lifestyle. I basically changed his life, and he’s just living an awesome lifestyle.”

So what exactly is that lifestyle?

“It definitely turns some heads when I’m out in public,” Seymour said. “I try to embrace it. I guess I like the attention. Like Breno said, it’s a lifestyle. I’m just going to keep rocking it.”

By choice, of course. By choice.