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How long can the Mariners stick with Jesus Montero?


By staff

Shannon Drayer’s latest blog post details Jesus Montero’s inability to throw out opposing baserunners, an issue that was especially evident Sunday when the Mariners catcher allowed four stolen bases during a loss to Toronto.

Jesus Montero

Montero has now allowed 15 stolen bases this season without throwing out a runner.

That’s not his only defensive shortcoming, according to Drayer.

“In talking to different broadcasters throughout the different places that we’ve gone – a lot of them ex-pitchers – they’re saying that he’s costing them strikes right now. And if you watch him, he is swiping at balls, he’s not holding anything in the strike zone. I think that’s hurting his pitchers,” Drayer told “Bob and Groz” Monday.

The growing sentiment that Montero should be sent down to Triple-A Tacoma has just as much do to with his offensive struggles. He’s hitting .203 with four extra-base hits this season, which isn’t the type of production the Mariners envisioned when they gave up all-star pitcher Michael Pineda to acquire Montero in a trade with the Yankees last offseason. Montero hit .260 with 15 home runs in his first season in Seattle.

“I think at this point … there needs to be more intense work done with him,” Drayer said. “I think the offense needs to be the priority, he needs to be playing every day and if he can’t carry his end of the deal defensively he can’t be playing every day, so you need to find a place where he can.”

In the video below, Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby discuss Montero’s struggles and the best course of action for the Mariners.

You can listen to Monday’s show here.