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Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch speaks, albeit briefly

By Danny O’Neil

RENTON – It wasn’t anything Marshawn Lynch said that was significant on Friday since his 80-second interview that consisted of one-sentence answers.

Marshawn Lynch

It was the fact that he talked at all.

Lynch has declined all interview requests this season, but after practice on Friday, he stepped behind an end table full of microphones and answered questions. It was surprising enough to the Seattle press corps that there was a lag of about 5 seconds from the initial greeting to the first question.

See, he didn’t say all that much. But the fact he talked at all was news. And without further ado, here’s a transcript of Lynch’s media debut:

Question: How’re you doing?

Lynch: Smooth.

Question: Marshawn, what are your thoughts of how the season has gone?

Lynch: It’s going pretty well.

Question: Does it help you to have the extra week after being banged up? To have that extra week to get ready to play to get your body ready and everything?

Lynch: Yeah. Rest helps.

Question: What kind of an impact – when you get a break – what can it do to revitalize you?

Lynch: Just refresh your body.

Question: How does it feel going into the playoffs? Is there any uncertainty or does the fact you guys have been there a couple of times before under Pete (Carroll) before help? How do you feel?

Lynch: I feel good. I like our chances.

Question: Looked like you guys got the running game going a little bit last week. Was something different or was it just committing to it?

Lynch: It was just all of us coming together, playing the game.

Question: What’s it like working through practice this week not knowing you have to play yet? How do you keep yourself motivated this week to practice?

Lynch: We just took the approach of, well, not knowing, we’re playing against ourselves this week. Giving that kind of effort against the best defense.

Question: What can benefit you by doing that? What can you learn about yourself in a week like that?

Lynch: When you get to practice against the best, it brings the best out of you.

Question: Last time you had a home playoff game, you had a pretty memorable run. Do you have anything in store for next week?

Lynch: I just hope to win, boss. Thank you, I appreciate it.