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Seahawks to wear white over blue in Super Bowl
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Seahawks to wear white over blue in Super Bowl

By Brady Henderson

The Seahawks wore white jerseys and blue pants during their 23-0 win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium last month. That was the same uniform combination they donned during a win over Denver in the 2012 preseason.

The Seahawks are 2-1 in the regular season when wearing white over blue, which they’ll do in the Super Bowl. (AP)

It’s not much of a surprise, then, that they’ve decided to go with the same uniform combination when they return to the site of that Week-15 game for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Welcome to the buildup to the Super Bowl, where the extra week means no storyline goes uncovered – even sartorial selections. The Seahawks announced theirs Tuesday, choosing the white-over-blue look after the Broncos decided to go with the orange jerseys they’ve worn at home since the start of the 2012 season. As the home team – which alternates between conferences each Super Bowl – Denver had its choice of uniforms.

The Seahawks’ website has a breakdown of how the team has fared in its various uniform combinations since debuting the Nike-designed threads before last season. They’re 2-1 when wearing white over blue, losing last season at Detroit and winning in Atlanta this year before beating the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

The Broncos, as noted Tuesday, are 16-3 (including playoffs) when wearing the orange tops since last season. Teams wearing the darker jerseys are 1-8 in the last nine Super Bowls.

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