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Seahawks’ Richard Sherman mic’d up for title game

By Brady Henderson

The country has seen over and over what Richard Sherman said about Michael Crabtree during an emotional interview after the Seahawks won the NFC title game. What about what he told Crabtree moments after making the game-saving play?

“Hell of a game. Hell of a game,” Sherman said as he extened his right hand toward the 49ers receiver, who responded with a shove to the cornerback’s face.

Sherman, Crabtree and a others wore microphones during the NFC title game, and the NFL Network captured the exchanges in a series of videos posted on the league’s website.

One clip shows Sherman bear hug FOX reporter Erin Andrews right before the now infamous interview. Another shows him embracing San Francisco’s Quinton Patton and then LaMichael James, exchanging congratulations and well wishes.

You can see the videos here.