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Is time running out for Eric Wedge?


By staff

Last week, Jack Zduriencik’s job security was a leading topic of conversation on “Bob and Groz” after Keith Law of suggested that time is running out for the Mariners’ general manager.

Dave Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner believes the same is true for Seattle’s manager.

Eric Wedge

“Eric Wedge is going to be fired in the not too distant future,” Cameron wrote at the end of a post refuting Wedge’s contention that sabermetrics is to blame for second baseman Dustin Ackley’s offensive struggles.

Cameron discussed both issues at hand – Ackley’s struggles and Wedge’s future – when he joined “Bob and Groz” Wednesday. On the latter, he said Wedge’s major shortcoming as a manager is talent evaluation.

“If you look at his career in Cleveland where he famously didn’t want Brandon Phillips on his bench when Brandon Phillips was out of options, he demanded that they keep Ramon Vasquez, instead. The Indians cut Brandon Phillips loose, Phillips went to Cincinnati and became a star,” Cameron said. “There’s several indications like this in Wedge’s track record where I don’t think he’s done a very good job of looking at players and saying, ‘That guy can help me win or that guy has serious flaws and I shouldn’t play him as much.’ “

Wedge had a 561-573 record (.495) over seven seasons with the Indians. Entering Wednesday’s game, he’s 164-212 (.436) since taking over the Mariners in 2011, including a 22-30 record this season.

“I think what we see in Wedge’s track record is he hasn’t done a very good job of building rosters that can win,” Cameron said. “This roster this year, I think, we were told in spring training this is Eric Wedge’s team, these are the guys he wanted. He went and pushed for Raul Ibanez, he went and pushed for a little more veteran presence, power-hitting, bad-defense guys like Michael Morse and Kendrys Morales.

“This was his idea of a good, winning team, and I think what we’re seeing is that Eric Wedge’s idea of winning baseball might not be what actually wins in 2013.”

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby share their thoughts on Wedge’s future in the video below.

You can listen to Wednesday’s show here.