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Clayton: Lynch should be fined for media day antics

By Brent Stecker

Some found Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s antics on Super Bowl media day funny. Others were miffed that he stopped his interview availability after just six minutes, 21 seconds.

ESPN NFL senior writer John Clayton is in the latter camp, as he told 710 ESPN Seattle’s Bob Stelton and Dave Wyman on “Seahawks Super Bowl Special” Tuesday.

Marshawn Lynch

“The Marshawn Lynch thing was totally embarrassing for the organization I think because he went through the motions of answering questions non-football-related for six minutes and 21 seconds and bolted,” Clayton said. “He didn’t leave the area but he stood near the position where he was supposed to be and refused to walk back. I honestly think that he should get the $100,000 fine. He acted irresponsibly.”

Lynch didn’t talk to the media for the majority of the season, and had to make a deal with the NFL to avoid a $50,000 fine. It’s unknown whether the league will revisit penalizing him for his actions Tuesday.

“I asked the league and they have not come up with an answer yet of what they’re going to do with him,” Clayton said. “He was there being defiant and uncooperative at a time when it’s supposed to be media day, (and it) is wrong on his part. … You’re supposed to be there, you’re supposed to answer questions, and he basically defied the league in trying to do it.

“He’s obliged by contract and the way that the Super Bowl is to cooperate and provide the 45 minutes of interview time that is required. He can answer the questions any way he wants to, but he didn’t answer them. I thought that he put a bad light on the organization.”