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Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks finish media obligations

By Brady Henderson

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Seahawks players met with the media for the final time before the Super Bowl Thursday, not a moment too soon for Marshawn Lynch.

“It’s going to be good to get back to football,” the running back said when asked how he feels about being done with the media obligations given all the scrutiny regarding his reluctance to talk.

lynch interview
Marshawn Lynch coined a new phrase Thursday, saying he was “S.R.,” explaining it meant, “Stay ready so it ain’t no gettin’ ready.” (AP)

And after five days of answering countless questions – many of them banal, repetitive and/or completely unrelated to football – several teammates expressed the same sentiment. Left tackle Russell Okung did so in a more lighthearted manner.

“I’ve got to deal with you guys for another day – excuse me, I get to deal with you guys for another day,” he said with a smile as he stepped up to a podium for the last time this week. “Almost done.”

Since arriving Sunday night, Seahawks players have met with the media for roughly an hour each day.

“It’s just an inconvenience more than anything,” receiver Doug Baldwin said. “Don’t get me wrong – we want to be able to give the fans an inside look, but I think we do that enough on social media ourselves. Nothing against you guys (the media), but at the same time we’ve got a game to prepare for and I’d rather be preparing for that game than worrying about the media.”

Now they get to. The players will, at least.

Head coaches Pete Carroll and John Fox will conduct a joint press conference Friday morning, the final media availability of any kind before Sunday’s game. That will cap off a week that for the most part hasn’t included any notable back-and-forth sniping.

That’s not to say it was without controversy. Every Super Bowl week seems to have one, but this one was different in that it was rooted in what a player didn’t say. Lynch drew criticism for his lack of participation in Tuesday’s media day before reluctantly talking to reporters a day later. He drew laughter on Thursday when the subject turned to offensive-line coach Tom Cable during a group interview that lasted roughly 7 minutes.

Asked what he thought about Cable when he came to Seattle following his stint as the Raiders’ head coach, Lynch alluded to an alleged altercation involving Cable and an Oakland assistant coach.

“Being from Oakland, all I knew about him was he punched people,” Lynch said. “That’s my type of person.”

That wasn’t the only gem from Lynch. Asked about having to get ready mentally after dealing with a week’s worth of media obligations that are significantly more intense than normal, he responded in a way only he could.

“I’m S.R., bruh,” he said, pausing before explaining the acronym. “Stay ready so it ain’t no gettin’ ready.”

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