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Extra-inning thriller: Moral victory or is a loss a loss?

By Brady Henderson

The Mariners made history and showed resilience when they rallied from a 5-0 deficit to tie Wednesday’s 16-inning game against the White Sox in the 14th.

Kyle Seager became the first player in MLB history to tie an extra-inning game with a grand slam, and the Mariners became the first team to score five or more runs to tie a game in the 14th inning or later.

They also lost the game, which would be the overriding takeaway for anyone who doesn’t believe in moral victories.

“I’ve never been one for moral victories,” Mariners analyst and former MLB catcher Dave Valle told “Bob and Groz” on Thursday. “It’s all about winning and losing.”

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby disagree on the matter, which they debate in the video below.

You can listen to Thursday’s show here.