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Hawk Talk highlights: What injury is most concerning?


Linebacker Bruce Irvin (hip surgery) is one of several key Seahawks to suffer a setback this offseason. (AP)

By staff

Highlights from the latest edition of “Hawk Talk” with Danny O’Neil:

BlatantChipmunk asked whose injury is the most concerning – Kam Chancellor, Russell Okung, Malcolm Smith or Bruce Irvin?

O’Neil: Irvin. His was the one that seemed to pop up out of nowhere, and he’s the player that Seattle is really looking to get more from this year after the release of Chris Clemons.

Buckminster Fuller asked if Danny learned anything interesting from the Seahawks town hall meeting on Tuesday night.

O’Neil: Pete Carroll sees his team as a relationship-based coaching staff. The team is built around the relationships between coaches and players, (and) what is expected and hoped for from the player. That is different from other system-oriented coaching staffs in which the coach tries to fit the players into the system he runs.

Austin asked if anyone looks good at OTAs besides Percy Harvin, Christine Michael and Russell Wilson.

O’Neil: Put Luke Willson on that list, too. He was more than Seattle expected a year ago, and can really be a versatile weapon for the team. Also, James Carpenter is in significantly better shape.

An anonymous guest asked what the Seahawks are going to do with Terrelle Pryor.

O’Neil: I don’t know. He’s only playing quarterback right now, and maybe I’m missing it, but I have not been impressed with either his arm nor his accuracy.

Casey Zachary asked where Korey Toomer fits into the linebacker rotation considering he’s looked good in camp.

O’Neil: That’s a great question. Two guys who are former draft picks who have yet to play a down that were singled out by Carroll as standing out this offseason: Toomer and CB Tharold Simon. Korey Toomer’s fit at LB? We’ll see. He has been playing SAM LB, something that will be accelerated now with both Malcolm (Smith) and Bruce Irvin recovering from surgery.

Jeff asked what Danny’s reaction to Doug Baldwin starting at split end is.

O’Neil: We’ve got a ways to go before there’s a starting lineup, but that’s an incredibly encouraging sign for Baldwin. You could kind of see that coming a year ago when he got time on the outside after Sidney Rice’s injury. He made the most of it. Here’s where the contract extension is a benefit, too. Because Baldwin isn’t going to even subconsciously be questioning whether he’s not getting enough opportunities out there in an effort to curtail his production.

Fred asked if the the Hawks are vulnerable to the run this year with the loss of their top two defensive ends.

O’Neil: Yes, that is absolutely the No. 1 question about the defense this year. Do the losses of those D linemen, specifically Red Bryant, leave this team as capable of stuffing the run in early-down situations.