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Adventures in fatherhood with the Seahawks’ Michael Bennett

“I’ve come to realize that my kids are the most important thing in life and all the times that I have, I have to give to them." (AP)

RENTON – Whether he’s talking about impersonating Russell Wilson to secure a dinner reservation, calling another NFL player “soft” and “overrated” or describing the inspiration for his sultry sack dance, there’s no such thing as a dull interview with Michael Bennett.

The latest reminder of that came Tuesday when the Seahawks defensive lineman joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s “Bob and Groz” and the interview began with Bennett mentioning his three young daughters, who were all nearby.

“I just bought a shotgun,” he deadpanned, making a joke – or perhaps he was serious – about beefing up his security system.

At one point Bennett’s oldest daughter, 7-year-old Peyton, threw on a pair of headphones and joined the interview. Did she think her dad was doing a good job?

“Yeah, kinda,” she responded. “I think he could be better.”

Talk about a tough crowd.

“Who’s your favorite football player?” Dad asked.

“Uhh, Russell Wilson,” she responded.

“What?! See, I’ve got to take her TV away,” Bennett said, “see if Russell Wilson will buy her a TV.”

Even though his daughters are several years away from dating age, their dad already has a plan for vetting potential suitors.

“You knock on my door,” he said, “I want to meet your parents, your grandaddy, I need to see your 401(k).”